This is my personal website, mainly used for quick access across my various devices to my favourite websites and to sometimes showcase my latest photos or projects.

I'm a technology enthusiast, working as a Microsoft 365 Solution Architect. I have a strong interest into minimalism, photography and latest technologies. I'm a happy dad of two lovely children who enlighten my days.

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About me

For development related rants and code snippets, you are welcome to have a look at my developer's thoughts blog although it's been more than a while since I posted anything on it so you'll probably have better luck if you follow me on SharePoint Overflow instead.

Have something to say ? Just e-mail me at hello@francois-verbeeck.be.

You can also find me on :

Pixieset : For some of my latest photography projects
Unsplash : For free (do whatever you want) high resolution stock photos that I made
Stack Exchange
Wordpress : for my developer's thoughts

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Aurore & Clancy - The Wedding

A fantastic wedding session, closing the 2023 season. Filled with late summer vibes and love.

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Anastasiia & William - The wedding

Obvious follow-up of the charming pre-wedding session, the intimate wedding happened in Brussels with, the cherry on the cake, the couple session handled in the "chateau de la Hulpe" .